Arkoen Ansvalder – Bob Harger

Excerpt from the Journal of Estelar Zima, Governor of Brila and 1st cousin to king Starik Zima of Iostiadahl,

18th day of Eleamus, 5th year of the 5th

It is a strange day today.  The Goliaths of the mountain tribes rarely come to town but today, two have graced my fair city. I have never witness their ferocity myself but many rumors have reached my ears of their practices within their tribes. Some, being outright preposterous, about them eating small children and such. Some give me pause to worry about the state of my people if they are to stay overlong. They are said to be impatient and prone to bursts of temper making them lash out in a fit of violent rage. That they make sacrifices of blood to their gods.

One of the two visitors I have seen before in a brief trade that took place several years back. He has grown much since then but is still sleight for their kind, but no less muscular for it. The tattoos that cover them have always been a curiosity to me and when last I saw him the great bear that has taken shape upon his chest is a new addition. His father had the same at the time of our meeting but placed differently upon his body with several other beasts displayed there upon. I wonder their techniques for tattooing as they are most artfully displayed.”