Baron von Jaques – Caleb Hackler

Baron_L4 StatsExcerpt taken from the Journal of Ella Dawndreamer

10th day of Achaid, 499th year of the 4th

Father died today, mother died last week. They called the doctor from Brila today but there was nothing he could do. He told me to find the Baron, in the Wood. We saw him a few times before because he’s a shifter, like us. He smells like grass and a warm hearth. Papa… mama… I’m so alone…”

1st day of Tweit, 499th ear of the 4th

I went to the town today. Papa has been gone for three weeks now and I’m out of food. Everyone turned me away. My elvish is bad but I heard one of them call me the elvish word for a mongrel. Baron was there and wiped my tears away with his handkerchief, it smelled like mint and elderberries. So did he. He took me to his house and I accidentally knocked over his tea pot and it spilled all over. I didn’t think it was a bad thing; it smells good but it tastes gross. He didn’t agree.

I think he’s lonely though. His mama left all her pretty porcelain teacups and stuff and said she’d come back. He didn’t say how long he’s been alone. Some of the nicer teapots have dust on them. He doesn’t have to worry though… I’ll protect him. Always…”