Sylwyn Irrza – Tasha Nungester

Sylwyn_L4 StatsExcerpts taken from the Personal Logs of Tehlmar Virro, Captain to the Peacekeeper Commander Osrin Norsurri of the 4th City District of Xeras.

3rd Day of Ekan, First Year of the 5th

Today I was defended by a new recruit. It feels odd to say that being relatively new myself but… anyway… she defended me. Not to say I couldn’t have done it myself, but it was nice not to have to. Her name is Sylwyn Irrza, I think. I’ve never heard that family name before but she did say she came from another city. She was vague about the particulars. I’ve never been quiet about my preference for other men, but there’s never a day goes by where people feel the need to remind me that its indecent for a man to want another man.

But she was kind to me and told me it didn’t matter what others thought, that I should just be myself, that I’ll find someone… like me. I think I will seek her out tomorrow during mess.”

15th Day of Bachi, First Year of the 5th

I stopped by the training grounds today to see Sylwyn. She is terrifying with a bow! She makes target shooting look so easy. There were several people watching her, too, but she didn’t flinch.

I overheard a couple of girls talking about her while I watched though. She’s still a bit of a mystery and won’t open up to anyone, even me. They were saying that they think she might be the bastard daughter of a noble because of the way she carries herself. I’ve seen it, but I haven’t had the heart to ask. Could she be like me? A bastard sent to the military to be hidden away and forgotten. Another girl said she didn’t think so, that she thinks she heard a rumor that a girl was forced into the military because she was disgraced and no one would take a soiled woman as a wife. She doesn’t seem to me like the kind of girl to be taken advantage of. I stopped listening after that because they started talking about she and I as a couple again… I wonder if she likes dragonchess?”