Vorn’myr Hlaal – David Adkins

Vorn'myr_L4 StatsFrom the daily logs of Barys’Cyr Bophin, servant of the mage Cagis Talran and his apprentice.

18th day of Zeve, 498th of the King

“Newly I have come to Iostiadahl following this odd tiefling, Cagis, and his apprentice, Vorn’myr. My initial impressions over these two months are that Cagis is a lunatic and his apprentice is quiet… too quiet. But I keep my words to myself as Cagis has given me my life back and so I give it to him in return. He feeds me, gives me chores, and the things I need to be comfortable… I give him the benefit of the doubt. 

His apprentice make me uneasy though. I have seen these markings upon his skin that glow with a deep purple tinge. He is usually covered but when I take his clothes to wash them, his undergarments fail to cover them properly. He startles when he sees me looking and either covers himself or leaves the room. He looks ashamed but I do not know why. I asked Casis and all he says are that they represent his potential and smiles nicely. I haven’t asked him again; his smile scared the spirit out of me.”

14th of Kumus, 496th of the King

“Vorn’myr opened up to me a bit today. He made me ashamed for thinking he was anything but the genuinely kind and quiet lad he is. He told me of his mother and the illness that took her. His eyes, like her’s he mentioned, glassed over when he spoke of her but he shed no tears. He spoke of his father with indifference, but nothing more than that he was a human man that his mother fell for. Her family wasn’t happy about that apparently and disowned her. Iostiadahl elves are so uppity, I don’t get it. All he wants is to spare others from the loss that came to him when she passed on. Kalous bless him, he’s a good lad.”