In the beginning, Castini spent a few thousand years as a sovereign nation, united under a banner of progress and prosperity.  A primarily human nation, Castini flourished under a central King with governing magistrates in outlying city states. No one is quite certain what caused the nation to split into self governing city states but relatively 600 years before the current year they all rebelled against the King and seceded from his governing hand.


Now, the land is rife with conflict. The city states constantly bicker and small skirmishes break out over the simplest disputes. Religion between city states is also restricted based on the more popular deities and the patron deities of rival city states.

When Iostiadahl opened their borders, the population saw a drastic decrease as a large portion of the population had grown tired of constantly fighting and the restrictions set on them by the magistrate kings of the city states. However, only a small percentage of them were accepted into Iostiadahl leaving many displaced and unable to return to their homes without risk of persecution in some form or another and so many booked passage to Phuila instead.

While hostilities are still tense within the country, The loss of a vast percentage of their population has done much to quell them for now and some city states have been forced to make compromises with others order to survive without the soldiers, farmers, and craftsmen they lost.

The land has quieted… but for how long?