It is said by the genasi that their beginning was as violent as the creation of the world itself. They say that their living deity, Ananae, a primordial ancient of the elements, grew lonely and though she had her kin, other primordial ancients that helped to shape the world, she longed for something to share life with. So Ananae created her children in four aspects of herself; air, earth, fire, and water. 

She and her children dominated EaoraCerisan and shaped the world, causing a wave of jealousy across her kin. They eventually began creating children of their own challenging Ananae’s claim to the lands and oceans she created with her children. 

Eventually they pushed her to the land known now as Cerisan. A barren corner of the world covered in snow and ice. They locked her away in a crystal chamber at the very top of a spire made of shining white alabaster and diamond where it is said that she sleeps to this very day. Only four of her original children have survived and they stand sentinel around their mother’s prison until they might one day release her and continue their work and take back what is theirs. 

Her son Xiso, created from the element of fire, guards the southern border of Cerisan. His children are the flame genasi. His stronghold lies in the great volcano, Mount Sufiral, at the northernmost edge of the Jagged Expanse; a range of mountains separating Cerisan from Iostiadahl. He is the Grand General for the armies of the genasi and his forge is unmatched by any the world has known. He is as ruthless as he is stubborn. His forgiveness is rare and his temper is as hot as the flames of Sufiral. 

Her daughter Arae, created from the element of air, guards the northern coast. Her children are the air genasi. Her stronghold is carved into the frozen glaciers open to the arctic winds that freeze the land around it. Her throne room is an eyre that houses many birds made of crystal that she uses to spy in all corners of the world with her mother’s prison visible from a great window that sits before her throne. Her fury is that of a tornado, her kindness the gentlest spring breeze. She is patience incarnate.

Her son Hesi, created from the element of earth, guards the vast mountian border to the west. His children are the earth genasi. Like his brother, Xiso, he commands the military and it is his children that find paths through the Jagged Expanse and into Iostiadahl to claim what is theirs by birthright. His stronghold rests upon the great sulfur springs that dot the western rim of Cerisan, carves from the mountains themselves. He is both silent thought in the woods and the earthquake that sunders the mountains. 

Lastly, her daughter Seil, created from the element of water, guards the shores and oceans to the east. Her children are the water genasi. She cares not for the issues in Iostiadahl but does not impede her children if they choose to help their kith. Her domain is untouched as it is the seas themselves and cannot be settled by man. Her quarrel lies with the triton and mer and she frequently enslaves them. She is as stoic as a lake but as unforgiving as a tsunami when the mood strikes her. She is witty, intelligent, and quick to set her mind which changes as swiftly as a current.