Farewell Par’Avann

Announcement for all our listeners and followers:

It is unfortunate that we must write to inform every one of our listeners and followers of some bad news. Please do not be alarmed as there will also be some good news in this statement as well. We do love you all, after all.

Due to personal reasons, Clint (aka Kadrin) and our DM, Jim have decided to step away from the podcast.

We are all deeply saddened by this news, but everyone in our cast and crew understand their reasonings and ask you in joining us while we wish them both nothing but the best. Perhaps we shall see them again in future. However, with our DM stepping away, we regret to inform you, that we will no longer being continuing the story of Par’Avann. While we understand the heartbreak you feel, as we feel it too, we have decided to leave the story where it is. All of us, as a group, came the conclusion that it was the best spot to conclude the story.

With the story of Par’Avann concluded, we were left with the question of what do we do next? The obvious answer we came to… We keep going. We have decided that we want to keep playing and we want to keep sharing our creations and shenanigans with you. While we are sad to see Jim leave, we are also pleased to announce Jenni Harger will be stepping into the DM seat. We will continue our adventures in a world that you are already familiar with, Iostiadhal. This will not be a continuation of the one shot campaign already posted. We will have new characters, new stories, new lands, and set in a new time. Our goal is to be back and releasing episodes by the new year. We plan to remain in touch with sneak peeks into this new world of Elves as it develops more.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but know we are still here. Still rolling.