Moving Forward

We are back in the studio and have recorded the first few episodes of the new story. Our plan is to start putting them out as of January 2, 2019, and we will be putting out episodes bi-weekly on Wednesdays instead of Tuesdays on your favorite podcatcher service! This will be our schedule for the foreseeable future and as always we will let everyone know if things change.

The reason for waiting till the after the first of the year was one that took a bit of decision. While we are recording already and have episodes ready to put out, we wanted everyone (including us) to be able to enjoy the upcoming holiday season without having to take a break so shortly after beginning again. Also, we wanted to have a back log of episodes on hand just in case any emergencies arise. That way there would be no stress of getting episodes out for your enjoyment.

Also a special thanks to Hackler Productions for helping us to improve our sound and setup to bring you all the best quality we possibly can. Our earlier episodes were not quite what we were aiming for when we started, but we have been learning new things to improve and we really hope it shows! If you have a mighty need for a sound engineer then check them out by clicking the link above for more information!

We are excited to move forward with this project and for any of you still keeping up with us, we want you to know that you mean the world to us. Our dedication to you has never wavered and even though we are having to start over it is because of you that we continue on toward the future. Starting D20 Chronicles was originally began as a way for us to try and do some good in the world while we play a game that made a difference to each of us. While we are currently taking a break with the charity aspect of our pursuit, we do have plans of picking that up again in the future though we are unsure if it will be the same charity we had before.

Love one another, be good to yourself, and always pay it forward.