Land Masses

  1. Masregál – Home to the Orcs and Goliaths, the continent is comprised of rolling hills, dense swamps and marshes, and a massive desert on the majority of the northern peninsula.
  2. Felicity – The main island in the Island of the Gods chain. It is covered by lush grasslands and the ruins of the temples of the gods of Par’Avann. The other islands moving clockwise from the largest north of Masregál are Cexxedax, Kratt, Hett, Kret, Dem, Crowg, and Bomo.
  3. Brieda – A rich jungles lies to the north of the Red Siren Mountains and is a perfect home for the Tabaxi. The Elves claim the more forested southern side of the continent.
  4. Hokther – Renamed Homdeg by the Humans, Hokther is home to the Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings. The land is completely green except the southern-most peninsulas, which are covered in ice and snow.
  5. The Misty Islands – Seventeen Islands connected by an underwater tunnel network build by the Dwarves that reside there. Surrounding the islands is a massive wall with only one opening facing northward; the Wall of Kazidor. The Wall in itself is surrounded by a perpetual arcane mist that never dissipates. The harbor within the wall is guarded by a giant dragon turtle known only to the Dwarves as the Protector.
  6. The Eternal Whirlwind – A perpetual whirlwind-like maelstrom that is also said to be an ancient prison between realms that holds the God and Goddess, Vigo and Terra, as well as their captors.
  7. Eringamma – Site of the emergence of the first dragons, Eringamma is home to a massive volcano, situated on the northwestern side of the island, that becomes active when the Groundbreaking summit nears. The enormity of the Volcano makes it possible to see the smoke and ash from most every corner of the world. The majority of the island is a tropical jungle while the land around the volcano is barren and devoid of any life.

Bodies of Water

  1. Bomo Bay – The Bay between the norther most peninsula and the southeast facing peninsula of Masregál.
  2. Eastern Depths – The sea north of Brieda.
  3. Draken Sea – The sea between Brieda and Eringamma.
  4. Bay of Brieda – The island dotted bay betweof Masregálen the two southern peninsulas of Breida.
  5. The Briedan Straight – The small body of water that separates Brieda from Hokther.
  6. Krebin Sea – A sea that lies to the south of Eringamma that contains the Eternal Whirlwind.
  7. The Western Depths – The sea that lies to the south of Masregál and north of the Misty Islands.

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