Chief Artist – Desirae Knight


I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator at Nyanco Studios, a small art studio with big dreams. We currently have a comic, as well as a game in the works, and we frequent local conventions in the Northwest.

RPG’s are another great passion of mine. My favorite character to play has been Disco, a doll-like Psyforged made from clockwork with an evil Necromancer for a best friend and a small pet fire elemental she kept in a decorative lantern. She once caused a “door” to go through an existential crisis when she asked the fellow Warforged why he was willing to live his life as a stationary guard.

Another fun ride was Syn, a druid who could take the form of a Cryohydra with a small black bear companion named Kuma, who once defended an airship with a canon on his back during a battle with a dragon army.

Thank you for the opportunity to go on another adventure with you all at D20 Chronicles!

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