Erendriel Caiceran – Bob Harger

“The Gifted Noble”

Eriendriel_ColorCloseBorn to the highest of houses within elven society in Brieda, Erendriel Caiceran, great grandson of the great Varien Caiceran, spent his life in a state of privilege. In the city of Amma Ayon, once home to the Dragonborn before the War of Broken Faith, the Elven nobility rule over the rest of society as most nobles do.

From a young age, Erendriel had been groomed to one day take over the family name. He was schooled in everything important to elven society, history being his personal favorite, excelling in every subject making his teachers and his parents very proud. All by his 20th name day. All of this success was made more impressive, in that he could manipulate the world around him in the use of magic. Varien, too, was a powerful sorcerer, and with the aid of Erendriel’s mother, Mara, he quickly learned the arcane arts quicker than any other Caiceran since Varien. Showing much promise in the destructive arts, he also showed an affinity for the magic of clerics and healers.

Deciding to further his realm of experience, his father had given him the task of attending court and making appearances at local festivities. In a few short years, he had proved himself to his father, Sorn, and after his 25th name day, was charged with organizing the festivities for Oaken’s Day. This was an honor for Erendriel, as Oaken’s Day is a point to mark an elf’s passage into adulthood.

It was during this time he met Alenia Perfaren, a wood elf with beauty he had never seen before in any woman. She worked with him to organize the festival. After the event passed, they continued to meet with each other, usually at Snowflake’s Respite, a local tavern. They quickly graduated from being friends and started somewhat of a relationship, much to the disagreement of his father. This, coupled with his immense success in the eyes of the public, qucikly grew his popularity among the people of Amma Ayon, and even further into the rest of the elven people. But everything was about to change.

Slowly starting from his 50th name day, Erendriel started losing his connection to magic. This slow descent affected him worse than he could have ever imagined. Looking for answers, he read about everything related to magic, but alas he found no answers. He began to disappear from the public eye. His relationship with Alenia became distant, and the one with his father became tremendously strained. The stress and anxiety drove Erendriel to stay within his home, and moreover, in his own room. This behavior made the other noble houses question Sorn about Erendriel’s ability to rule when the time came. He was still young, but they felt that perhaps they should explore other options. Sorn hated this, his son was once a loved and proud individual, and now he shut himself away and hid from everything he worked for. Sleepless nights plagued Sorn, trying to think of ways to prove to the other noble houses that his son was fit to rule. Then the idea hit him, it was only a matter of convincing his son.

The next 50 years were hard on Erendriel, so when his father proposed his idea, he scoffed and declined, for he felt he could not do what his father was asking of him. For six months Sorn tried to convince his son, and for six months, Erendriel didn’t even let him explain his idea.

Fed up, Sorn did the one thing he didn’t want to do, ask for help.What made it worse was that it was for help from someone he preferred his son not affiliate with. He met with Alenia to ask for her to propose his idea to his son. She agreed and met with Erendriel. She hadn’t seen him in years, but still her feelings for him lingered. They talked and she learned everything that he had been through, that he did everything because he lost his connection with magic. She told him then why she was really there.

“Your father wants you to be the Elven emmisary at the 10th Groundbreaking Summit,” she explained.

Erendriel was taken aback, and said that he would be no good, and that he wouldn’t do anything for Sorn after how he had treated him in the past few years. He felt he couldn’t defend himself in case something happened, and that he felt useless as a whole.

“Well if you won’t go for him, would you go for me?”

This caught Erendriel off guard, not realizing she still had feelings for him, and his own for her. He asked her for a few days to think about it, she agreed and left for her home.

Days passed with no answer. The summit was set to happen in one month when there was a knock at Alenia’s door. Much to her surprise when she opened the door stood Erendriel, cleaned up and sharply dressed. He looked more put together than he had in years, the look in this eyes that once conveyed pain and suffering gone and replaced with something she couldn’t quite place.

“I’ve decided to go. For Breida. For Elven society. For my family. And most importantly, I go for you.”


Bob Harger

Originally from Illinois, I moved to Idaho with my wife. I am a long time gamer and have been playing D&D for almost 3 years now, which was introduced to me by my wife. Tabletop games such as Warhammer fueled my interest into the game. I currently work for Ninja Division in the warehouse shipping product out to like minded gamers.

My main goal for this podcast is to have as much fun as possible and show everyone the character I’ve worked to create. I would like to have a career in voice acting, but that’s not as important as having fun with my friends and family.

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