Production Manager – David Adkins

davidBorn and raised in the Treasure Valley, I’ve always had a fascination for gaming of various kinds, electronics, and tinkering. It began when my uncle introduced me to the joys of computers and how much fun they were to build, tear apart, learn what each part does and how to make them perform better.

Fast forward a quarter of a century to the present day. Having been involved in D&D for almost a decade at this point, I’d have to say that my favorite character to date has been my go-to, a rogue named Satek. Initially modeled after the one and only Vincent Valentine crossed with the equally famous Captain Jack Sparrow, Satek is a drunken loner who is exceptionally lucky and skilled. This character has had several attempts at his life through divine intervention (a couple of DMs have tried to kill him), all of which have failed; as a result of this, I have proclaimed him to be a demi-god.

Anyways, enough of my passion towards Satek. When I was approached by Bob and Jenni to join them as a member of their group, I happily agreed. After a couple of months of attending sessions regularly, it became known that they wanted to create this podcast, and I couldn’t possibly turn the opportunity down. I’m looking forward to seeing where this venture takes me with open arms!