The History of Par’Avann

In the times of old, the people of Par’Avann lived in peace. It was commonplace to see the many race of the realms not only working side by side, but living in the communities as equals. Orcs and elves worked together to harvest ironwood for houses and businesses. Humans and dwarves labored in the mines to gather precious stones and minerals. There was no war or infighting. There was only peace. The people of these races openly shared their knowledge of the arcane and healing arts among themselves. It was believed that magic was to be shared, as it was a gift from the Gods and Goddesses.

The most revered of these deities were Vigo and Terra, the God of Life and the Goddess of Death respectively. The reason that these deities were held in such reverence was due to all of the races feeling that life was the most treasured gift that could be given and death was a reason to celebrate that life, bringing communities of every kind together to celebrate the departed. But eras of peace and equality can only last so long.

After nearly three thousand years of Peace and Harmony, a gift from the God, Mercer, two members of the Pantheon began to grow weak and restless. Rival, the God of War, and his twin sister, Atax, the Goddess of Chaos, sought a time when they had the ability to make empires rise and fall on a whim. And it was with this in mind that they conspired with their father, Abyss, the God of the Underworld, to bring about a time where they could once again control the peoples of Par’Avann as they saw fit.

Abyss cast a charm on his niece, Shadow, the Goddess of Thieves and Trickery, to speak a whisper in the ear of Bronik Dar, the High Chieftain of the Orc people. Abyss had Shadow convince Bronik that the Dragonborn of Par’Avann were amassing a great army to utilize all of the magics of the realm to destroy his people. Believing that the vision that the Gods had seen fit to grant him to be true, Bronik passed word to all of the tribes of Orcs in Par’Avann that the Dragonborn needed to be eradicated immediately. He created the first great army that had been seen in Par’Avann in over 3,000 years.

He planned his attack very strategically. The 16th day of the 9th month was a day sacred to Dragonborn. Every year, they all travelled to the foot of Eringamma, the mountain that the first dragon rose from nearly 5,000 years before. On this night, the Orcs, led by High Chieftain Bronik Dar, brought the entire Dragonborn nation to extinction before the rise of the next sun. On the 16th day…of the 9th month…what would be known as the War of Broken Faith had begun.

For the next two thousand years, there was endless war among all of the nations of Par’Avann, each seeking what they felt belonged to them. Dwarves began to feel that since they came from the land, they deserved a larger share of the profits that the selling of the ore produced. Elves felt that because their ancestors were from among the forests that the ironwood belonged to them. Whatever gold that humans had, they began to horde it away from the prying eyes of the other races. It was from the greed of humans wanting to keep their gold to themselves, that orcs began aligning with goliaths to take it all for themselves.

As all of this was happening, Abyss, Rival, and Atax grew stronger and their powers began to reawaken. Abyss was once again able to open the very fabric of the realms and decided to bring about more evil and chaos into the world. He reopened the Great Chasm, which had been sealed by Vigo, Terra, and Mercer themselves to keep terrible creatures from walking on this plane. Because these creatures had spent so long banished to other planes, when they began to reemerge in Par’Avann, they had more strength and power then when they had been banished before.

The final years of the War of Broken Faith were fought in both the physical realm, as well as in the Heavens. The Gods and Goddesses that had been forced out of power by Abyss and his children were waning in power and needed to make a final push to save the people of Par’Avann from themselves. It was Genus, the God of Intelligence, that managed to break through the hold that Abyss had over Shadow. Revolted in the atrocities that she was responsible for over the millennia, Shadow switched back to the side of the light and worked side-by-side with Genus and Vigo to end the war. The three approached the various leaders of the races of Par’Avann to convince them that enough blood had been shed and that it was time for peace to come back to the realm.

After nearly one hundred years of negotiating, the new leaders of each race agreed to meet to discuss terms to cease hostilities. It was agreed upon that the meeting would have a symbolic meeting and would take place on the 16th day of the 9th month at Eringamma. When the day finally arrived, the leaders of each race argued about what would be the best way to end the War of Broken Faith. The elves and dark elves wanted all the forests of the land. The Dwarves and Duergar wanted the mountains. Halflings and gnomes, whom had remained neutral throughout the entire War, wanted a safe place in the foothills and valleys of the mountains and rivers. The Tabaxi wanted the jungles. The Orcs wanted a place to roam freely, while the Goliaths agreed to go with them to help keep them in check and the Humans wanted the cities and waters.

As the leaders argued among themselves in order to bring peace, Mercer and Scarlett, The Goddess of Hope and Chance, brought the War of Broken Faith to an end, at least from the side of the Gods and Goddesses. In the final days of the War between the Gods, Abyss had taken to sleeping in his self-created throne room. His throne room was made up of dark marble that gave him a sense of being back in the Underworld. His throne and bed were made entirely of the skulls and skeletons of dozens of the Dragonborn that had been killed at Eringamma two millennia prior. As he slept in his bed, Mercer and Scarlett snuck into his bedchamber and each cast a high-powered Hold Person spell. This allowed Shadow and Bowen, the God of the Hunt, to stealthily assassinate Abyss in his sleep.

However, being one of the first Gods of Par’Avann, Abyss was not truly killed. While his physical form had been destroyed, his essence was banished to another realm that was protected by the Eternal Whirlwind, a perpetual vortex that lay in the heart of the Krebin Sea. With the loss of their father, Rival and Atax lost the will to continue fighting and chose to join their father in banishment. Like their father, though, the twins were not ones to go into the night quietly. As Terra and Vigo escorted the twins to the Eternal Whirlwind, the twins made their final strikes, by stabbing a dagger into the hearts of their guardians and dragged them into the vortex with them. As this last bit of chaos began to throw the world back into a state of war, in all of his wisdom, Mercer chose to bring peace to Par’Avann by bringing his own existence to an end.

As the God took his final breath in his physical form, an event that would forever be known as The Groundbreaking would be occurring on Par’Avan. The Groundbreaking proved to be a time when all of the leaders of Par’Avann set all of their differences aside and chose to live separate from each other, in order to establish peace and harmony. They all came to terms with who would go where and what the boundaries would be. It was also agreed that every 200 years, there would be a Groundbreaking meeting, where one representative of each race would be sent to Eringamma. Each of these representatives must also be somebody that is still in their early years of life.

These meetings were designed to have multiple purposes. Primarily, these Groundbreakings were to let the other races know that they were keeping up to their part of the separation pact. However, this also gave each representative an opportunity to see the other races and bring the tales back to their own people. It also gave the opportunity to trade items that had been worked on over the previous two centuries.

Despite the agreements that were made among the leaders of Par’Avann, there was one other major issue that struck the peoples of the realm. With the loss of the God of Life and the Goddess of Death, there were no new births and nobody was able to die. It was Trysta, the Goddess of Love, and her husband Genus, that came up with the solution to allow life to continue in the natural way of the world. She walked up to her husband and gave him a passionate kiss. After this, she told him that she would always love him and then she released herself from her physical form. Genus, using his high Intelligence levels, figured out what his wife had just done. He explained everything to the other members of the Pantheon and then freed himself from his own physical form, to join his wife once again in some form.

As each member of the Pantheon released themselves from their physical forms, they released their powers and abilities and spread them to the peoples of Par’Avann. The magic of Mynah, Goddess of Music, chose Bards to carry on her ways. The abilities of Oaken, the God of Nature, chose the Druids to continue giving life to the land and creatures that were of the natural world. Aura, the Goddess of the Elements, chose the mages that already had a touch of understanding of the ways of the arcane world to control fire, water, earth and air. Shadow, Goddess of Theives, chose the rogues and assassins of the world to learn the knowledge of how to hide in the darkest corners of the world and stealthily attain their goals. The Lord of the Hunt, Bowen, allowed the hunters and Rangers of the Wood to learn how to become expert trackers and marksmen. For those that were afraid to offer the abilities to the peoples of Par’Avann, they made it so that the abilities of the others could only be used in times of great need or peril.